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Michel CELI VEGAS is attorney at law, economist and holds a postgraduate degree in international relations. He studied in Peru, Spain and Switzerland. His expertise in the domains of law and economics was enforced during the years he spent at the Ministry of Finance in Peru.

First, he practices the negotiation of international credits in front of international organizations, in consortiums of banks and cooperation agencies. Afterwards, he was responsible for finance and budget at the Office of Legal Counsel. In order to achieve this, he visited the University of Molina, the National University of San Marcos and the Catholic University of Lima, Peru.

Following his undergraduate studies, he specialized himself in the domain of law and international relations in several recognized institutions. In Europe, he visited the Diplomatic School of Madrid, Spain and the Graduate Institute of International Studies (GIIS) in Geneva.

As a research fellow in the international finance, he participated at the Center of Studies and Research of the International Academy of Den Haag. Within the international organizations, he collaborates with the International Law Commission of the United Nations in Geneva and he followed the specialty lectures of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Michel CELI VEGAS has a broad knowledge in the field of international affairs, in the different programs and projects of international organizations and in the enterprises and organizations of civil society.

He develops his activities in the field of technical cooperation, planning and evaluation of projects and programs of small and midsize enterprises in Latin America. He was the chief coordinator of the program “partners at work” in Switzerland developed by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).

Since its foundation, he is president of the Exchange and Cooperation Center for Latin America (ECCLA), Institution in Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). As representative for the international organizations, he participates to technical committees, assemblies and other activities of the UNO, WIPO, UNCTAD, ITO and WTO.

Michel CELI VEGAS was lecturer for the post graduated program of the Engineering School of Saint-Imier (Switzerland) – name of his lecture was “Management of international projects – a case study”. He also discussed subjects related to the Europe-Latin America relations in several conferences organized by the Foreign Office of France, the Free University of Brussels, the Inter-American Development Bank, the government of Mexico, the Mayor’s Office of Biarritz (France) and several international organizations. He collaborates on a regularly basis as “invitee” with journals (“La Tribune de Genève” and “l’Agefi” in Switzerland), by publishing articles on international topics.

It is also to mention, that he participates in several commissions as “international jury” as for example the “Bremen Initiative” organized by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany for financing projects for sustainable development, ( He also joined the committee of supervision of the observatory for the economic relations Europe-Latin America ( He is president of the board of directors of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce, Switzerland (

He is member of several professional institutions: Member of the Bar of attorneys, Madrid, Spain and of the Bar of attorneys and Bar of economists, Madrid and Lima, Peru. He is member of several associations in Switzerland as for example the Swiss society of lawyers, the Geneva association for trade law, the Swiss forum of international policy, the Swiss press club, the Swiss Arbitration Association, the Swiss Association for European Law.

Michel CELI VEGAS is attorney at law in Geneva, Paris, Madrid and Lima. He is member of Geneva Bar Association, Paris Bar Association and Madrid Bar Association. He is deputy-member of the Bar Commission elected by the High Counsel (Grand-Conseil) of the Republic and Canton of Geneva for the period 2006-2010.